Video Gallery

Firetruck Demonstration on newly installed Permeable Paver area at HNA Expo 2012

Mechanical Paver Installation at Meridian Development in Franklin, TN.

Mechanically Laying Pavers at McKay's Used Books project in Nashville, TN

Aqua-Paving Mechanically Screeding

Rain storm on newly installed Permeable Paver lot

Paver Delivery

Mechanical Installer

Bill Schneider Interview Charlotte, NC

Permeable Paver parking lot in Jefferson City, MO.

Aqua Paving Construction using Probst Mechanical Installer to lay Permeable Pavers

Aqua Paving Construction laying Aqua-Bric permeable pavers with Probst Installer

Aqua Paving using a Probst Ultrascreed Machine to lay the setting bed for permeable pavers.