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  Ecological Pavers with TX Active® by Advanced Pavement Technology
  Ecological Pavement System Solutions and Smart Growth
1/6/2010 McCord’s Vancouver Toyota Prepares for Renovation (article published on BigNews.biz)
11/20/2012 Iowa Telegraph Herald - Charles Daoud, of 4-All Development, explains the benefits of a permeable street. Click here to watch video
7/28/2012 Gatlinburg TN, Aqua-Bric Demo
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7/16/2012 Morton Arboretum Maintenance Workshop
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Jefferson Farms: Aqua-Bricloc and BASS used in a parking plaza.
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Live Green at Heart: "Paving" the way
Advanced Pavement Technology use of Aqua-Bric and BASS in a parking plaza. Featured on WBIR (an NBC affiliate TV station in Knoxville, TN.

1/9/2007 Wight & Company Press Release: Elmhurst College Receives $116,000 Grant from DuPage County to Implement Innovative Strategies for Stormwater Management
Advanced Pavement Technology served as a consultant to Wight and Company on this project which uses the Bio-Aquifer Storm System.
2/2005 Paving Success with Stormwater
Ecological paving systems can grow green profits for producers. Advanced Pavement Technology is featured in this article from the February 2005 issue of Concrete Producer Magazine.