About Advanced Pavement Technology

Advanced Pavement Technology is committed to providing its clients with ecological, environmentally sound solutions using flexible, permeable paver systems. Specifically, our solutions feature cost-effective systems installed by a quality labor team using superior products and advanced construction methodology, all designed and integrated to provide superior benefits and end-user value when compared with traditional pavement alternatives.

William C. Schneider was the first concrete paver installer in the United States and has been in business for over thirty-five years. He is the owner of Advanced Pavement Technology as well as LPS Pavement Company and Aqua Paving Construction. Bill is one of the founding members of the School for Advanced Segmental Paving and previously served as an instructor for the Permeable Paving class as well as the Foundation Skills for Paver Construction class. He is also a founding member of ICPI and is previously served on various committees. He was ICPI’s first instructor and established the manual to teach and train level one certification.

LPS and Aqua Paving Construction have installed millions of square feet of pavers all over the United States; as well as installing the first permeable pavement project in the city of Chicago, also the first in the United States. Bill’s focus has been to promote the use of the BASS® system which he created to enable proper installation of permeable pavers. This is being done in conjunction with Aqua-Bric™and Aqua-Bricloc™ permeable paver shapes on which he holds the patents and trademarks. They are the first permeable pavers that are ADA compliant. With Bill’s vast knowledge of the industry and installation, coupled with the uniqueness of Aqua-Bric™ and Aqua-Bricloc™ and the BASS System®, Advanced Pavement Technology is the company to deal with from start to finish on your next permeable paver project.

Vision Statement
The Ecological Paver Systems™ division of Advanced Pavement Technology will provide comprehensive design/build services to promote the use of the Bio-Aquifer Storm System® and establish it as a structural best-management practice for nationwide use. We will continue to refine and enhance the system to provide clients with a more efficient storm water management method, improving the quality of storm water run-off as it is returned to a ground water source. Advanced Pavement Technology will ultimately create an alliance of regulatory agencies, engineers and owners that will embrace the use of our system as the country's preferred standard for acceptable storm water management.

Key Goals

  1. Establish Advanced Pavement Technology as the leader in permeable pavement design, construction and research, as well as the preferred design/build resource.
  2. Educate regulatory agencies on the features and benefits of the Bio-Aquifer Storm System® as a structural best-management practice for compliance with the Clean Water Act Phase II rule.
  3. Develop ongoing relationships with soils engineer specialists regarding the use of the Bio-Aquifer Storm System® to replace retention/detention pond systems.
  4. Promote to owners and developers the cost benefits of land planning that utilizes the Bio-Aquifer Storm System®.
  5. Reinforce these efforts with a branding campaign that highlights Advanced Pavement Technology's unique combination of professional expertise, outstanding experience, superior products and advanced technology to successfully position the company to take advantage of the market's window of opportunity.