The Bio-Aquifer Storm System

Flexible, segmental paver systems are a desirable pavement choice, especially when 20-year, 30 year, or 50 year life cycle costs are used to evaluate proper pavement selections for site development.* The Bio-Aquifer Storm System (BASS) expands the base design and integrates specifically designed pavers in an engineered system that will allow for collection of stormwater runoff and support heavy axle loads for roadways and parking lots.

In addition, due to the types of aggregate used, a natural filtration process will occur and pollutants that are removed from the runoff will be broken down by bacteria contained in the aggregates. The infiltration rate is dictated by the choking material and the void area of the paver. Assuming the flow rate of #8 joint material is 1,500 in/hr with their void area at 8% yields an infiltration rate of 120"/hr. a standard Aqua-Bric type 1 would be 10% void area for similar joint material at 150"/hr.

Advanced Pavement Technology will provide BASS designs to meet specific site requirements that will comply with the NPDES Phase II stormwater program.

Advanced Pavement Technology has a team dedicated to the proper design and execution of a permeable paver system. Our experience from engineering to trained paver installers is developed from successful completion of municipal, commercial and industrial segmental installations that include manually and mechanically installed projects:

  • Private Development
  • Municipalities - references furnished upon request
  • Universities - references furnished upon request
  • Army Corps of Engineers

This proven track record provides us our basis for providing our clients with a custom designed system delivered on time and within budget.

*The US Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design proposes a 50 year period.